About Golden Ray Beauty Collective

Golden Ray Beauty Collective is the culmination of a life long love of the art world and creation for founder Alexis Hamlin-Vogler. The daughter of an artist, Alexis grew up in her mother’s art studio with endless supply of paints, pastels, paper and art projects, traveling with her parents to various art shows, sitting in on workshops, and the less glamorous job of folding thousands of greeting cards! After 13 years in the beauty industry, as an accomplished Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist and beginning Golden Ray Beauty Salon Studio in Los Angeles, 2020 has brought expansion and a new realization of her love for creation with Handmade Jewelry.


Alexis’ hand sewn beaded earrings are one of a kind pieces, made with care from her home studio in Gainesville FL.


As the mother of two amazing kid, Ellie Marigold and Atticus Raymond (the Golden Ray inspiration) seeing their joy creating art and beading with her- inspired her Mom + Mini Collection, with many exciting ideas in the future for matching pieces for Parent and Child or siblings.

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